NVIDIA VR solutions – From large scale to personal VR


Fred Nicklisch, Director Workstation Software, NVIDIA
Fred Nicklisch is a development lead in NVIDIA’s Professional Solutions Software group where manages the development of the graphics drivers for NVIDIA’s professional product line. The primary focus is on display technologies which include VR technologies, medical and financial services. He has a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the ComNets is Research Group at RWTH Aachen University. His work experience in the domain of computer graphics includes 5 years at ELSA AG and 15 years at NVIDIA.

Ingo Esser, DevTech ProViz, NVIDIA
Ingo Esser is a Senior DevTech Engineer in NVIDIA’s Professional Solutions Group where he works to help different ISVs improving their rendering algorithms. These ISVs mostly work in the Automotive and the Oil & Gas domains, where either rendering complex surfaces or visualizing large datasets is an issue. He has a Diploma in Computer Science from the chair for Computer Graphics and Multimedia at the RWTH Aachen, Germany.

NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing. We have more than two decades experience in computer graphics and help advance the science behind virtual reality. We offer VR solutions on our consumer platform GeForce and our professional platform Quadro. Today, Quadro® is the industry standard for professional visualization — from mechanical and industrial design, to medical imaging, to digital content creation and film. Since 2009, every film nominated for the “Best Visual Effects” Academy Award was created on Quadro.
The presentation summarizes different VR solutions from single PC with single display to multi PC and multi display. We talk about the typical problems which disturb the immersive effect of a VR setup and show how to solve these. We list technologies, programming interfaces and tools to get the best results. At the end we give an technology outlook.